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Revamping your home for the New Year

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Revamping your home for the New Year

With the new year upon us and spring not too far ahead, it’s only natural that your thoughts will turn to revamping and refreshing your home, here are a few ideas on how to go about it:

Declutter and reorganise

Get your new year off to a great start by revitalising your home with a declutter. Try  following Marie Kondo’s principle of only keeping those things that give you joy. If tackling a whole room seems too much, then begin with a shelf, box or draw or give yourself an allocated time slot of perhaps 20 minutes a day, and little by little you’ll get there. Alternatively, go through your home by category e.g. books, clothes, ornaments, kitchen paraphernalia etc. If you find it difficult to let go of things, think instead of the good they will do someone else.

Your blank canvas

Refresh your home with a lick of new paint. White works wonders in small spaces, reflecting light and making rooms feel as spacious as possible. Where a room is small, narrow or has low natural light levels, consider using a paint range with light reflective properties to brighten the space.

Make a statement

Once you have a fresh blank canvas with which to work, introduce pops of bold colour in the shape of accessories like scatter cushions, ornaments and art work. These can be easily updated throughout the seasons or as your tastes change, giving you a versatile interior.

Make magic with mirrors

Heighten natural light levels further with the strategic use of mirrors, place them adjacent to windows to bounce light around or position a statement mirror above a fireplace to act as a focal point in a room. Alternatively, cluster a collection of smaller mirrors together to create a gallery effect.

Metallic matters

On a broader note, reflective and metallic finishes are a big trend for 2018, so introduce stainless steel, chrome or copper elements into your home. From kitchen and bathroom fittings to reflective surfaces and splashbacks or simply a few new utensils and accessories.

Quality tells

Commission a local craftsperson to build bespoke pieces of furniture for your home, helping you to maximise space and make the most of every alcove, recess and original feature in your property. That way you’ll have finely crafted, quality furniture that meets your specific needs and is sympathetic to the style of your home too. Having dedicated storage built for your home, will also help enormously when it comes to your decluttering and reorganisation efforts.

Herald spring

Flex your green fingers and bring the outside inside with a colourful array of spring bulbs in an eye-catching container. There is nothing like the first green shoots of narcissi, crocuses or hyacinths to signal the changing of the seasons and the warmer days ahead. There’s lots of advice online to assist you, like that from gardening guru Sarah Raven, so let’s get started.

So there you have a few ideas on how to revitalise your home and step into spring.