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 How to make a small kitchen seem larger

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 How to make a small kitchen seem larger

Many of us struggle with a kitchen that is shoehorned into a tight space, but there are ways to make a small kitchen seem larger, even when you can’t change the original footprint of the room. Here are a few ideas on how to go about it:

A cohesive design

Giving your kitchen a cohesive and continuous design will make the heart of your home feel more spacious. One straightforward way to achieve this is to paint your cabinets the same colour as the walls, creating a harmonious space. The more contrasts and inconsistencies you include design-wise, the more cluttered and small the room will feel.

Continuous sight lines

Consider the sight lines in your new kitchen, the further you can see, the larger the room will seem, so think about how you can create views through your kitchen and the rest of home. This needn’t necessitate a huge building project but could be achieved by introducing open shelves, a breakfast bar that is not boxed in or by including furniture you can see through – like barstools with slim metal legs for example. Wherever possible make a window a focal point in your kitchen, drawing your eye to the view outside.

Pattern magic

Use flooring or tiles to create patterns that draw your eye across or down a space to make it appear longer or wider. The lines created by design elements such as metro tiles or Karndean flooring will improve the flow of your design and make your kitchen feel more spacious.

Let the light in

We’ve talked a lot in previous blogs about the value of maximising the natural light levels in a room, and this is true of your kitchen too. Where you can’t introduce any more natural light sources, heighten light levels by using light reflective paint, a pale palette and shiny materials such as glass, mirror and stainless steel.

Open up

When it comes to the upper cabinets in your kitchen, consider replacing the solid doors with examples that have glass or mirror inserts or again here, utilise some open shelving to create a more spacious feel.

Integration works

In a small kitchen, fully integrated appliances will help you to achieve a cohesive and flowing design. In a very confined area, use slimline appliances and cabinets that are shallower than the standard size to optimise the space.

A hand crafted kitchen

Commission a hand crafted kitchen for your home and you’ll benefit from an aesthetically pleasing design that will meet your specific requirements and make the most of every inch of space. Choose from a contemporary, modern or traditional design, benefit from expert design advice and have all of your appliances, storage and furniture exactly where you want them.