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How to declutter your home

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How to declutter your home

It’s an aim a lot of us have, but few of us achieve – a home without clutter. Possessions can have a huge emotional pull and to let go of them can be extremely difficult. Here are a few hints and tips on how best to approach the task:

Do ask for help

Tackling decluttering alone can seem like an overwhelming task, so do seek assistance. Ask a friend to help, as they will buoy you up and keep you motivated. They won’t have the same emotional investment in the items as you will, and that fresh perspective could be advantageous. Moreover, once you’ve made an arrangement, you won’t want to back out or let them down, so you’ll be more likely to stick to your plans.

Be prepared

Prepare for your decluttering efforts by collecting suitable boxes, packing material, marker pens and labels beforehand.  As you work through each room have a box for the tip and a box for the charity shop. If need be, have another box for things you are undecided about and give them a second look later in the day.

Decisions, decisions

Making decisions can be difficult – when looking at your possessions consider whether they give you joy, an approach recommended by Marie Kondo, decluttering guru. In addition, hold in your thoughts the good an item could do someone else, and the appreciation they may feel for it.

Small steps

Another approach is to take small steps at a time, focusing on a modest area, like a bag, shelf, drawer or box. Allocate a small amount of time each day and blitz your chosen area. As they say, each journey begins with a single step and your decluttering journey will soon be well on the way if you take this approach. Alternatively, fill a carrier bag a day or give away one possession each day for a year, as recommended by Colleen Madsen.

Invest in storage

To support your organisational and decluttering efforts, invest in purpose-built storage that will optimise the space in your home. Buy readymade furniture and you’re likely to be left with awkward gaps around them that can’t easily be used for storage and collect dust rapidly. Conversely, have furniture built to meet your specific needs and you’ll make the most of every inch.

So there you have a few hints and tips for decluttering your home – now it’s time to get started.