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Factors to consider when refurbishing your living room

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Factors to consider when refurbishing your living room

Want to give your living room a new look? Then read on to discover the factors to consider before you begin your home improvement project:

Your vision

First of all, consider your overall vision for the room. What is your aim? Do you want a room that’s cosy, incorporating warm colours and plenty of soft furnishings or conversely a room that’s clutter-free, light, and pared down in style? The overall look and feel you are aiming for will inform many of your subsequent choices.

Feeling indecisive?

For those of you feeling indecisive about your decorating scheme – peruse the wide variety of projects showcased on website Houzz to provide inspiration, and to help you find trusted local professionals to bring your plan into action. Create a mood board full of projects that have caught your eye, including completed rooms, fabrics, accessories and colours that appeal to you.

Colour conundrums

Choosing a colour can prove a dilemma, employing a pale neutral palette that’s versatile is often the best course of action – you can always add a few keynote accessories in bolder shades to provide an accent in your living room.

A focal point

All rooms benefit from having a strong focal point such as a fireplace or a bay window to which the furniture is orientated. You may have original features that can become the centre of attention, but if not, not to worry, you can easily create an eye-catching feature with a prominent painting or a statement mirror for example.

Light fantastic

Give thought to the lighting in your living room – both natural and artificial. Enhance low natural light levels by using paint with light reflective qualities or by placing additional mirrors opposite or adjacent to your windows.

When it comes to artificial light, consider how you’ll use light in the evening – would you prefer a single statement light fitting or a number of spotlights fitted flush into the ceiling. Would your living room be enhanced with architectural lighting and where will you situate additional lamps? Lighting is often overlooked, but it’s an important feature to consider in your refurbishment – so you don’t damage or have to redo your decorating at a later date.

Factor in flooring

Another key element to contemplate before you begin is your flooring. New flooring will give your living room a fresh and cohesive look. Karndean flooring is a stylish, versatile option, that will provide you with a classic look, yet all the benefits of modern engineering. Available in a wide range of colours, texture and patterns, Karndean is both beautiful and durable.

Entertainment dilemmas

Almost all of us enjoy a little light entertainment now and then, whether it’s TV, a movie or our favourite music. Ideally, we want our entertainment systems to be conveniently placed and available at the touch of a button – that’s where custom-made media furniture comes into its own. You’ll have stylish furniture built to your specific needs, incorporating all of your entertainment systems, so you have everything at your fingertips, without compromising on your room’s appearance.

So there you have a few factors to consider when refurbishing your living room, now it’s time to action your plans.