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Karndean Newcastle

karndean newcastle

Karndean from £24 per square metre – We Will Price Match any Supply & Fitted Quote!

Welcome to Newcastle Kitchen & Bedroom Co for Karndean Newcastle. We supply and fit Karndean flooring across Newcastle and the North East. Call 0191 414 7879 to find out more 

What is Designflooring from Karndean…

Comforting to the feet and pleasing to the eyes, Karndean’s customisable products give you the look and feel of natural woods and stones , without the practical limitations.Why Karndean ? Natural beauty , replicated… World leader in replicating the look and feel of natural materials.Versitile… Thinner and lighter than natural alternatives, our floors can be installed in almost any interior.Hygenic… Karndean will not harbour dirt or dust mites, helping keep all environments safe.

Quieter… Karndean is quieter than wood and stone products reducing background noise caused by hard footwear.

Easy to maintain… Cleaning and maintenance is simple with Karndean products and can be carried out by hand or with mechanical apparatus.

K Guard +… Karndean Designflooring’s surface protection system, not only works as a barrier against scuff marks , stains and fine scratches, but ensures that no additional surface treatment is required directly after

Karndean is Quicker to install… Lighter and easier to handle than ceramic , stone or wood. Durable.. Karndean flooring is supremely durable even in the toughest environment, ensuring the floor looks its best for years to come.

Karndean Colour ranges… With a range of wood effects, rugged slates, textured limestones, travertine and marble to
make any room feel more indulgent.

Variance / patterns… Karndean floors offer the variance and random character of natural materials rather than looking uniform and manufactured, and to create a real impact by laying Karndean in straight, diagonal, chequerboard, or parquet-style herringbone patterns.

Design / Textures… Texture is as important as appearance and when you set foot on our floors you will appreciate the tactile surface finish of every floor, and to compliment you can experiment with a vast range design strips, decorative borders and bespoke designs.